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Janitorial Supplies & Cleaning Tools in Somerset, KY

South Central Kentucky Janitorial Suppliers has been serving Somerset, KY, and the surrounding areas since 1987. We stock a wide variety of cleaning and janitorial supplies, including everything from top-of-the-line tools to trash cans and dispensers.

We understand the importance of having cleaning supplies that really do the job. We wouldn’t provide you with products that we didn’t believe in ourselves. When you contact us for our cleaning products, we make sure they are of the highest quality and exactly fit for your specific situation. 

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We also offer free delivery to wherever you may be in the Somerset and surrounding areas. There is never a delivery charge and no minimum purchase requirement. Whether you need a few simple products or a wide variety, we will come to your location quickly. Simply give us a call and we'll bring you whatever cleaning and janitorial supplies you need to be successful.

Additionally, we also invite you to visit our store and browse our large selection of equipment, cleaners, paper products, sanitizers, and other cleaning tools. We have so many products to choose from, that we are sure you will find exactly what you need.

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free delivery

There's never a delivery charge or minimum purchase requirement for our free delivery service. You can get exactly what you need regardless of if it is one item or several.

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We've been serving Somerset, Kentucky and surrounding areas since 1987. We are a family owned company and we understand the importance of providing first-rate service for our customers.

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We pride ourselves on having the most popular types of equipment, supplies and cleaners in stock. This way you know that the moment we drop off supplies, you are receiving the best.